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Julia Gedon


von Rüden Eva-Lotta, Zellinger Christina, Gedon Julia, Walker Andreas, Bierling Vera, Deeg Cornelia, Hauck Stefanie, Potschka Heidrun. (2019). Regulation of Alzheimer's Disease-Associated Proteins During the Course of Epileptogenesis: Differential Proteomic Analysis in a Rat Model. Neuroscience. 2019 Jan; 424:102-120

Marconato Laura, Sabattini Silvia, Buchholz Julia, Polton Gerry, Finotello Riccardo, Martano Marina, Willman Michael, Massari Federico, Agnoli Chiara, Gedon Julia, Cancedda Simona, Campigli Michela, Rohrer Bley Carla. Outcome comparison between radiation therapy and surgery as primary treatment for dogs with periarticular histiocytic sarcoma: an Italian Society of Veterinary Oncology study. Vet Comp Oncol. 2020; 18(4):778-786

Gedon Julia, Wehrend Axel, Failing Klaus and Kessler Martin. Canine mammary tumours: Size matters-a progression from low to highly malignant subtypes. Vet Comp Oncol. 2021; 19 (4): 707-713

Gedon Julia, Wehrend Axel, Kessler Martin. Ovariectomy reduces the risk of tumor development and influences the histologic continuum in canine mammary tumors. Vet Comp Oncol. 2022; 20 (2): 476-483

Gedon Julia, Alexandra Kehl, Heike Aupperle-Lellbach, Wolf von Bomhard, Jarno M. Schmidt. BRAF mutation status and its prognostic siggnificance in 79 canine urothelial carcinomas: a retrospective study (2006-2019). Vet Comp Oncol. 2022; 20 (2): 449-457

Gedon Julia, Kessler Martin, Schmidt Jarno. Frontal sinus carcinoma in forty-one dogs (2001-2022). Vet Comp Oncol. 2023. Online ahead of print


Gedon Julia (presenting), Kessler Martin. Breaking old dogmas: Do we have to rethink about canine mammary tumours? ESVONC Congress 2018 (Gran Canaria)

Gedon Julia (presenting), Kessler Martin. Periarticular histiocytic sarcoma (PAHS)-Epidemiology, Clinical characteristics and prognosis in 70 dogs. ESVONC Congress 2019 (Hofheim am Taunus)

Wennemuth J, Gedon J, Hartmann A, Kessler M. Comparison of computed tomographic (CT) appearance of pulmonary involvement in localized and systemic histiocytic sarcoma in dogs. ESVONC Annual Congress in Hofheim, Germany 2019

Gedon Julia (presenting), Kehl Alexandra, Aupperle-Lellbach Heike, von Bomhard Wolf, Schmidt Jarno M. . BRAF mutation status and its prognostic siggnificance in 79 canine urothelial carcinomas: a retrospective study (2006-2019). ECVIM Congress 2021 (online) —> awarded with the BSAVA Book Prize for best oral presentation

Gedon Julia (presenting), Kessler Martin, Graesser-Kapikiran Nora, Schmidt Jarno M. . Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of frontal sinus carcinoma in 39 dogs (2001-2021). ESVONC congress 2022 (Syracuse) —> awarded with the Wim Misdorp Prize for best oral presentation

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